Chance The Rapper Hates A Lot Of Things On ‘No Better Blues’

Only Chance The Rapper can make pessimism sound so sweet. Chano took to his Twitter to share his latest freebie tune with The Social Experiment, “No Better Blues.” He goes straight Eeyore on this one by listing all the of the many things he “hates.” It’s a toss up with some of his picks. While some of them are understandable depending on your upbringing, (“I hate darkness, I hate racists, I hate white people”), a few of them are pretty darn loveable (“I hate the optimistic smirks on the face of children”).

Chance produced the track and performed it alongside Nate Fox, Donnie Trumpet and Peter Cottontale, for Social Experiment. Press play on the song below and download it if you so fancy.

Photo Credit: Instagram