Stream Childish Gambino’s ‘Kauai’ EP

The second part of Childish Gambino’s STN MTN/Kauai project is here. Following the free release of his STN MTN mixtape, Donald Glover drops off the mellow KAUAI retail EP. An alternative to the rap-laden remixes to “Move That Dope,” “Southern Hospitality” and “Money Baby,” Kauai offers melodic tunes like is previously released “Sober.”

Jaden Smith also makes his anticipated appearance as “the boy” on the second half of Gambino’s project, offering spoken word/rap fusions on “Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)” and “Late Night In Kauai.” The EP also features a remix of Because The Internet’s “3005.”

Stream Kauai via Spotify. The EP is also available for purchase on iTunes.