If You Ask Chris Brown, Ebola Is ‘Population Control’

While Iggy Azalea was wishing the Ebola virus on a paparazzo this weekend, Chris Brown was offering his theory on the nation’s latest health scare via Twitter. Following the first contraction case in the U.S. by a health care worker in Dallas, Breezy dropped a comment on Ebola being a “form of population control:”

Aware that his comments would make a headline (or three), Brown stopped what could have become on of his infamous rants in its tracks. Leaving his commentary at that, he retreated from his timeline after his theory racked up thousands of retweets:

According to CNN, the nurse who has tested positive for Ebola was reportedly wearing protective gear while treating the first case of the virus in the U.S. While treating Thomas Eric Duncan (who later died), a source says she was clothed in gloves, a gown, a mask and a shield. Meanwhile, the director of the CDC says the contraction was caused by a “breach in protocol.”