‘Clueless’ Dionne and Murray Reunite 19 Years Later and Look Exactly The Same


Your favorite dysfunctional, fictional couple reunited. Clueless’ Stacey Dash and Donald Faison or better known from their most notable role, Dionne and Murray, met up again Tuesday (Oct 28). Dash attended the premiere party for Faison’s TV Land series The Exes’ in L.A..

Can you believe it has been 19 years since the cult teen classic, Clueless was released? Everyone was major fans of the quarrelsome two as their love was immenent even if it was clouded in daggers spewed between the two.

Looking almost identical to their ’95 selves, the two posed for pictures bringing nostalgia of their high school romance back to life.

Murry and Dionne 4 eva!

Photo Credit: Getty