Columbus Short is Thanking The Airlines For His Latest Law Troubles

Columbus Short Airlines

Columbus Short seemed to be on the straight and narrow as of lately, but he’s back in trouble with the law. This time, it may not be his fault.

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He was scheduled to appear in court on Monday (Oct 27) for a mandatory court hearing for his felony battery charges. However due to flight complications, he missed his date and a bench warrant was placed on him.

A source connected to the former Scandal actor, told E! News “missed his flight which caused him to miss court” and his laywer Michael Levin, told the Daily News that his “failure to appear was due to circumstances beyond his control” because of his flight delay in Atlanta.

His court date stemmed from incident earlier this year when he allegedly punched a man and left him unconscious with a fractured left eye socket. If convicted, Short’s facing up to four years in prison.

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