Did Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short Foreshadow The End of Their Marriage in New Film?

Before the negative happenings that occurred this year in Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short’s marriage, they were working on a short film together.

The couple was cast as leads in The End Again— movie that followed a couple, Jane and Joe, on the last days of their relationship as they both go their separate ways. The Crystle C. Roberson-directed film surprisingly was not inspired by the estranged couple as it was ensembled in six weeks and shot over two days in January.

The first incident that hinted towards divorce for McCall and Short occurred in March.

Yet Short drama aside, the director is still moving forward with turning The End Again into a full length feature. The 15-minute picture was a prelude to her bigger production called OPENENDED. The film is set four years after they split when the former lovers are reunited for a weekend after the death of their friend. With their two days together, Roberson will use the couple to answer the storyline’s question “when it comes to love, is it ever really over?”

With or without Tanee or Columbus, the filmmaker and her team are hoping to complete the project. To make this possible she started an Indie Gogo campaign in order to raise at least 15k of the the $1.5 million they need to make OPENENDED.

The campaign lasts until November 4th and you can donate here.

Press play to watch Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short in The End Again.