Converse Wants Their Identity Back And Is Suing Every Knockoff Competitor


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After throwing shade via Instagram it’s apparent that Converse wants to put an end to knockoffs of their iconic designs.

It’s true, the globally recognized Chuck Taylor All Star is an American classic and has been mimicked, remade, and just down right knocked off by every retailer possible. Honestly, how many times have we all been at a store (we shall name no names) and come across meek interpretation of Converse? Too many to count.

The New York Times reported that the company is suing 31 companies that they claim to have knocked off their shoes from Wal-Mart to Fila, Sketchers and a gang of others who have incorporated stand out elements of their Chuck Taylor Allstar like the toe cap, the toe bumper, and black stripes. Converse chief executive, Jim Calhoun, had words for the NYT too saying, “We continue to see sort of an explosion, if you will, an increase in knockoff activity. Cease-and-desist letters aren’t enough.” It will be tough for Converse to prove trademark infringement due to strict copyright laws, but the brand is more concerned with getting these all-too-similar sneakers off the shelves, period.”

Simply, Converse wants knockoff competitors to give credit when credit is due and end the trickery. Today, Chuck Taylor All Star’s will only set you back $50, a very affordable price point we believe. So why not just buy the real thing? Vixens, what are your thoughts about Converse knockoffs? Would you buy a knockoff or do you prefer the original Converse sneaker?


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