Cute On Coins: 16 DIY Ripped Denim Designs


The bigger the holes the better. Fall is here and we’re excited because it’s probably the best season for fashion. Layers, sweaters and minimalism have been the latest trend and we’re ready to be on top of the trend alerts.

This year the grunge ripped jeans are stealing the fashion wave and tainting us to destroy a perfectly good pair of jeans for the sake of being “hip.” Although you can easily purchase a pair of pre-ripped denim at any trendy retailer, it is definitely more frugal to create your own custom denim trouser. Many people have yet to grasp the technique of distressing your own jeans, but Vixen found a video that puts it in its simplest form. Peep the DIY distressed jeans video below and flip through the pages to find some awesome designs to try on an old pair in your closet.

Photo Credit(s): Instagram

Tags: Denim, DIY