Day 26 Talks Lessons Learned From The Industry And Crazy Fan Moments

We all crushed on Day 26. I know I have, in so many ways, from their TV show to their music. And thanks to the countless covers at my high school talent show their popularity further affirmed my love from them. Unfortunately their love for their situation at the time did get in the way and they all bitterly bid farewell to their five man ensemble.

Fast forward a few years later the nostalgia of my high school talent show that felt like a Day 26 cover concert returned. However instead of staring at teen boys trying to flirt onstage via the sound and lyrics of the MTV band, I’m sitting in an empty stage room at BB Kings watching the reunited front get acclimated to their steps and their stage direction. It’s soundcheck and from the looks of it they are ready to put on a show stopping performance with up-close and personal fan to star interaction. These five guys turn, slide, and smirk their fawn worthy facial curves to their imaginary chairs that’ll soon be filled with adoring fans.

But before the doors open, seats fill, and spotlights on, I sit with the five guys to talk about there reintroduction. All come with their own distinct personalities, it is clear Brian is the jokester and Robert is the most straight forward and the last three fall in between those personalities to make up a bond that’s unmatchable. One thing you get from speaking to these guys is that they’re real, they’ve been through real shit, and they are here to keep it real.

Want to learn more about Day 26’s experience returning independently (“We’re enjoying it because we feel like we are getting to be who we feel like Day26 is at this point in our careers“), lessons learned (“There’s a lot of phony people [in the industry]“), and how to ditch a girl (“I’ll probably just tell her to get the hell out. I’m real blunt and straightforward. I’ll be like ‘you gotta go’”)?

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