Gentlemen’s Corner: Day 26 Talks Lessons Learned From the Industry and Crazy Fan Moments

gentlemen's corner day26

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from social media?

Rob: We’re really in a position of—whether we know it or not—of leadership. I know a lot of people look up to us.

Brian: [People] tend to hang on to what we say.

Rob: I believe that’s because they look up to us and with that we have a role that we have to play. Some people don’t care about that. We tend to take it very serious. Your fans are always looking for a deeper story. They’re trying to figure that they know you better than they actually do. You can say the smallest thing but they are going to go so deep into that, that it’s not even the same thing that you said anymore. I think the best thing is to be cautious about what you say. You just have to be careful because media scrutiny will end your career.

Que: I think you can only get your career ruined if you are a mean person. It’s all about your personality.

Willie: The crazy thing about social media is that you put things out there but what you want them to buy into is the music. You want them to buy into your brand but anything you put out there they are digging deeper into that.