Gentlemen’s Corner: Day 26 Talks Lessons Learned From the Industry and Crazy Fan Moments

gentlemen's corner day26

Have you ever had a female inspire a song? If so what song?

Brian: Besides “Bullshit” I don’t think there’s any particular song that the group has recorded or written. I’m pretty sure in our individual work [a girl has], because I know damn near my entire project is about a certain situation.  Even listening to Willie’s music you can definitely tell a female has inspired it (laughs). Rob’s a realist. Que’s pen is ridiculous. He thinks outside of the box. You can definitely tell that their music is influenced by someone.

Do you sext?

Brian: Oh hell yea! I sext! I send pics! I do it all! (laughs)
Willie: I’ll do it. I’ll send it in your messages in a minute!

Do you respond when someone slides in your DM?

Brian: Sometimes I respond if she is worthy of respond-ence (laughs). If she’s cute I might respond.

Willie: I end it nicely but I’ll respond.

Que: Because they ask the same questions. After a while it’s like damn I came in here to look for a girl  and she’s asking me questions about being a TV star. I’m like well I can’t date her because that’s all we’re gonna talk about. We’re not gonna have time to do it (laughs).

Mike: I don’t respond at all. I feel like if I don’t respond you shouldn’t send another one.

Rob: I give them all love. I respond to all of them. Every DM.