Gentlemen’s Corner: Day 26 Talks Lessons Learned From the Industry and Crazy Fan Moments

gentlemen's corner day26

What’s the craziest fan moment you’ve had?

Rob: I remember one time we went to this college and we tried to sneak out of the back of the school and that’s what the dumbest thing we could’ve done.

Brian: That was the college I went to. It was at Prairie View A&M. Right outside of Houston.

Rob: These fans tried to tip our whole van over. Then they were chasing us and some of us got caught. We were walking down this hill and we thought we were good because no one was out there and next thing you know [they came out] like roaches.

Willie: Man we used to go to those schools and it used to be retarded. The malls too. That’s one experience that I wish everybody would get one piece of. It was like a three story mall and they had blocked off the back so we had to walk through the mall.