Gentlemen’s Corner: Day 26 Talks Lessons Learned From the Industry and Crazy Fan Moments

gentlemen's corner day26

What’s the most creative way you have kicked a girl out of your crib?

Mike: Deebo! Come get here out my room! (laughs)
Brian: I tell her I gotta go to the studio.
Willie: I’ll have my boy hit me up and be like (looks at phone) ‘Damn! He always in some shit!’
Rob: I’ll probably just tell her to get the hell out. I’m real blunt and straightforward. I’ll be like  ‘you gotta go.’
Que:  I try to not to be rude but when we’re done doing it I’ll just look around like yeah….

What celeb crush would you like to bed?

Willie: I never thought about who I would like to bang.
Rob: Megan Fox
Que: Meagan Good.
Mike: I like variety! (laughs) . I’ma take Halle, Stacy Dash and Gabrielle Union.
Brian: Sanaa Lathan. She is the epitome of amazing. That’s a tree I would climb!

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