Gentlemen’s Corner: Day 26 Talks Lessons Learned From the Industry and Crazy Fan Moments

day 7

VIBE Vixen: What made you guys decide to come back?

Robert: When we were doing our solo thing-we got love for each other-so we supported each other. I was paying attention to everybody’s page and what everybody was doing. I just felt like it was that time because everybody was loving the vibe of everybody individually but they were still saying ‘I love this but where’s Day 26?’ I saw the pattern in everybody’s page and then I just put a call in. Everybody was ready and then the next day we were working.

How has the response been since you guys announced the return?

Willie: It has been good. The fans definitely come through in numbers as far as hitting everybody’s page up and the Day 26 page and supporting the EP as well as the book. So I feel like its been well received. We’re independent now so it’s different when you’re independent. When we were major we hit the masses quicker. Some people are just realizing that we came back.

Have you enjoyed being independent or do you miss being on a label?

Brian: We’re enjoying it because we feel like we are getting to be who we feel like Day26 is at this point in our careers. We definitely miss the support, meaning the financial backing from the labels. Its different when we’re reaching in our pockets. We’re doing everything on our own aside from someone actually having a budget and knowing where this is going or where that is going, it’s a lot more organized.