Gentlemen’s Corner: Day 26 Talks Lessons Learned From the Industry and Crazy Fan Moments

gentlemen's corner day26

So if you guys were to do a reality show how would it be different?

Willie: I feel like the thing we would try to make different is that we would just try to show the positive outlook on people with dreams. When the whole world throws you a pile of do-do you make lemonade out of it. You just make the best out of every situation. That’s the thing that Day26 has really mastered because no one really gives us anything. What we make happen is what happens. I think if everyone could see that grind then they will have a new understanding of who Day26 really is.

They think because Bad Boy ain’t involved anymore that they can’t do it and I been doing this way before Bad Boy. Diddy never orchestrated what we did. He just approved it. We were always talented enough to get that and I think that would be what this show would be about. Giving people a chance to see like ‘they wasn’t ran’ by Diddy or ‘nothing really made them, they made themselves’. It’ll be some drama if they want to see some fights because as businessman it’s a different type of fight. It’s not like a knuckle up, it’s like we just disagree where we’re passionate about what we do. Anybody with a passion is going to have a voice and say what it is because they don’t want nothing to fall apart.

Rob: That’s why we had the best show anyway because it was very educational to the artists that wanted to be in the position we’re in and do the things that we do. It’s a backstage pass literally. People might say it was drama-filled. People may say we cried but really it’s TV to ya’ll; we’re living this.

Que: I think the great thing about our show is that we already did a TV show. So we know how to relive past situations, bring it back to life, get into it and not affect us moving forward.