Gentlemen’s Corner: Day 26 Talks Lessons Learned From the Industry and Crazy Fan Moments

gentlemen's corner day26

What’s the greatest lesson you learned from doing reality TV?

Rob: Always watch them cameras ‘cause they watching yo ass (laughs). You can’t hide. Those cameras don’t have filters.

Que: And always be good to people. No matter who you meet or who they turn into. Always keep in mind that you don’t know someone’s story. You never know what someone’s going through. Your story is not the most important story. So if you have those goals and those ambitions you’ll be a great TV star.

Willie: You gotta remember the same people you going to see on your way up are those same people you going to see on your way down.

Brian: You never know who’s going to be who. For instance, a friend of mine started off as an intern over at Motown and now he’s an exec over at RCA. He would go and get people’s lunch and be there for free and people would talk crazy to him. So you never know who’s gonna be who.