‘Dear White People’ May Make Its TV Debut

It all started with an idea that turned into film about modern racial hypocrisy. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll be excited to know that the satirical comedy ‘Dear White People’ might be heading to a TV screen soon. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Justin Simien, creator of ‘Dear White People,’ about possibilities of the continuation of the movie and future plans to expand the Sundance heavy hitter to other mediums.

“I really believe that there is life in these characters, and I think that perhaps in another medium it would be very exciting to continue their stories and to follow their journeys,” Simien said. “I think all the things that the world of ‘Dear White People’ wanted to say lends itself to television, and I’m very excited about figuring that out.

There are no certainties yet, but fans can get a little excited knowing that this dynamic and unique film may have a chance as a series.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images