Black Teen, DeShawn Currie, Pepper Sprayed By Police in His Own Home

This morning, ABC reported that an 18-year-old foster child from Fuquay-Varina, NC was harassed and pepper sprayed by police officers as he attempted to enter his own home. Ricky and Stacy Tyler are the foster parents of DeShawn Currie and have been for about a year now. They have recently moved into the new neighborhood and were shocked when their neighbor called the cops on DeShawn, assuming that he was breaking into his home.

On Monday afternoon (Oct. 6), DeShawn attempted to enter his home from the side door, which his parents left open for him. The police said that’s when a neighbor, who witnessed him enter the home, called 911 assuming that he was breaking in. Minutes later, three police officers entered the home to tell DeShawn Currie to get on the floor and assume the position to place him under arrest. They began to argue, which is when the teen says he was pepper sprayed.

The family met with the department captain on Tuesday; no charges have been made yet.

Photo Credit(s): Screen shot