Did Hood By Air Turn Slander Into Sarcastic $850 Innovation?

HBAsleep1While A$AP Rocky wants to lay Hood By Air to rest for good (in the name of fake people multiplying), the norm-core brand is turning his slander and negative comments into sarcastic innovation.

HBA has now joined forces with NYC-based photographer Kevin Amato and Kanye’s creative directors brand Off-White in a collaborative effort of a bedding and sleepwear capsule collection. But one has to wonder if this assembly is a tactic to piggyback profit off of the scandalous beef Rocky dished in his latest track entitled, “Multiply“. The capsule collection includes boxers, blankets, a sleep mask donning the words “6 feet deep”, and a duvet and pillow set for an outrageous price tag of $850 at VFILES but then again hypebeasts will be hypebeasts. But the real question is will hypebeasts continue to buy into HBA now that the self-proclaimed fashion killa has pronounced the label dead (in his eyes)?

Vixens, what are your thoughts on this fashionable rivalry?

Photo Credit: Hood By Air