Do You Live In The Top Sugar Daddy City In The U.S.?

This week, two New York teenage twins have been accused of binding and robbing their 85-year-old “sugar daddy.”

The 17-year-old girls, Shalaine and Shaina Foster, are being charged with kidnapping, burglary, robbery, assault and grand larceny after they tied up their sugar daddy—a retired lawyer—and went on a shopping spree with his credit card. They girls met the man on the popular site and after meeting in his home and they left the elderly victim confined to his coffee table for 20 hours on Oct. 1st.

This most recent situation (that we know of) will probably not affect the rate of sugar daddies around the country. According to the same site that caused the lawyer to be in distress for almost a day, “the number of registered Sugar Daddies on has nearly tripled in 2014.” They did a recent study that revealed there are 30 cities in the US with plenty of men that’ll fund your lavish lifestyle for company (or sexual favors).

If sugar daddies are your thing, head to VIBE Vixen to see were you’ll have to live to get the most out of your endeavors.

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