Does Jadakiss Know Which NY Knick Biggie Robbed On ‘I Got A Story To Tell’?

ESPN’s Highly Questionable has been trying to help solve a rap mystery that has plagued us for years. That mystery? Who was the New York Knick Biggie robbed on “I Got A Story To Tell?”

After John Starks claimed he didn’t know (or rather it wasn’t about him), Jadakiss was the latest in the hot seat and host Dan LeBatard immediately asked him right off the bat if he knew. Being that he was close to The Notorious B.I.G., Kiss wasn’t about to let the man’s secrets be known, but he at least gave possible answers such as Anthony Mason, Larry Johnson & “maybe Derek Harper”.

The real fun begins when the hosts ask Jada about his craziest DMX stories. Without fail, Kiss launches into a hilarious impersonation of a Dark Man X and told LeBatard and co-host Bomani Jones, if you were riding in a car with X, “you needed to bring your own seat belt.”