Did Drake Threaten A Stripper?

An official police investigation has been launched after a Houston stripper alleges Drake threatened her after the two had sex.

TMZ reports that the Houston police department confirms there is an investigation but the official police report doesn’t identify Drizzy as a suspect but a “potential celebrity.”

The stripper named Johnni Blaze (#NoMethodMan) told law enforcement she and October’s Very Own had sex once and said he believed she would publicize their romp in the hay. Blaze then alleges Drake sent a fury of angry text messages and his people came to her house, banged on her door and threatened her life.

Blaze says she went to the cops but isn’t sure she wants to fully press charges. Police say they want to speak with the “potential celebrity” and Drake’s people are denying the whole thing.

Drake allegedly sleeping with a stripper? Then allegedly sending some of his goons to handle his bidding? C’mon! That’s totally not something he would do (#StraightFace)

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