Vixen Chat: The Cast of ‘Drumline: A New Beat’ is Ready to Tell a New Story

drumline: a new beat

On a gloomy day in New York City, I walked into the back rooms of the BET studios and was introduced to the big, smiling faces and bubbly personalities of the cast of Drumline: A New Beat. It was still early, but they should be now running on fumes (if you ask me). They’ve been doing press runs throughout the week, spent the weekend at Howard Homecoming (“FAMU and Howard were both great, it was a lot of fun”) and I was told they weren’t done with that particular day until 9:30 p.m. Honestly I’m already tired just thinking about it, but they weren’t. At least their personalities didn’t show it.

I sat down in the small room filled with two of the young stars, Alexandra Shipp and Jordan Calloway. Shipp was getting touch ups on her already beat face by AJ Crimson and Calloway was watching with the rest of their team on a BET viewing of Jamie Foxx’s Held Up. They began paying attention in the middle and were all trying to figure out what was going on in the film. Luckily Alex’s brother, James, who seems to be good friends with everyone, gave them a play by play on the film. Shipp on the other hand, still seated in the make-up chair was trying to fit family time in her already tightly scheduled.

And I was the fly on the wall.

Soon Letoya Luckett walked in the room, ready to have her hair touched up by Larry Sims and make up by AJ. And right after, Nick Cannon would come in, looking pristine in a purple suit—no two million dollar Tom Fords this time—and a small Mohawk. He quickly joked with the room of people as if he knew everyone his whole life. From the glam squad to the ones that make sure they are running on schedule, fed, and know what’s coming up next, to the stars of the film, their experience together has ultimately created a close, tight-knit mini family.

First up was 106 & Park and next, VH1 Buzz. Throughout their packed day and huge entourage, I was able to get a word in about the film. The questions were different and the characters’ experiences weren’t the same, but each star made it known that this was not a sequel but more of a continued tale of another’s story. “They named it DrumlineA New Beat instead of “Drumline 2″ because it’s a completely different story line,” they all said in one way or another. It’s obvious that they’ll have answered the sequel question so much that by the last interview, they will sound robotic.

But they were right. From the character being a girl to the love triangle happening with the Dean of the school, there was nothing “sequel” about Drumline: A New Beat. It was like any school story line: every year a new, different group of students come in with their own trials and tribulations while trying to make a name for themselves on the field.

Trust us, Vixens, there’s much to take in. Flip the page to learn more about the humble and welcoming cast of the film, which premieres on VH1 tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

All Photo Credit: Stacy Ann Ellis