Vixen Chat: The Cast of ‘Drumline: A New Beat’ is Ready to Tell a New Story


VIBE Vixen: What’s one thing we’ll appreciate to see that he decided to use a female instead of a male as the lead this time around?

Alexandra Shipp: I think it’s easy for people to stick with what they know. I think Nick in his own right is an innovator. When it came to this story, he obviously loved it. He’s spoken about Drumline many times, saying that it was his first, most amazing experience and it was a way for people to see HBCU college in a really great light. I think that he said I want to tell this story but I want to make it different. How do I take this story and not make it the same old thing because it’s not the same Drumline. It’s not Drumline 2, it’s Drumline: A New Beat. So, he obviously wanted to change the story and him bringing in a girl was a really great because it is a man’s world and girls are often overlooked on the line, or just seen as another person on the line. I think he wanted to tell that story a little deeper.