Vixen Chat: The Cast of ‘Drumline: A New Beat’ is Ready to Tell a New Story


Explain your role in the movie?

Jordan Calloway: I am Jayven and I am the son of a very talented musician.

So you’re a little cocky in the movie?

Jordan Calloway: Yes, I am, I do have that cockiness, that uppityness, that confidence that you constantly see portrayed in the film. The thing about it is my demons. When you get to know me more as the project permits, and see who I am as an individual as Dani does through her lenses, you realize, “okay he actually is a teddy bear, he has a heart and soul, he’s just misunderstood.” And the thing is it’s a wall that I built up for that character. I don’t want to let anybody in and I feel like there are many of those individuals that have been hurt by many things, they don’t want to let people to see.

What was the hardest scene to film?

Jordan Calloway: Probably, the scenes in the dorm room, the only reason why is because we got started extremely quick when the month of June hit and we jumped right in those scenes right off the jump. We didn’t get any build up scenes, beginning scenes, or drum scenes to get better acclimated with what’s going to go on and what was going to happen. So we had to dive into the drama scenes right away which was cool.