Vixen Chat: The Cast of ‘Drumline: A New Beat’ is Ready to Tell a New Story


How did you prepare for this role?

Letoya Luckett: My grandmother was a dean. So I was able to pull from that, just the way she carries herself. She’s just a woman of class and grace and she knows how to get the job done without screaming at people. She’s a boss and you have to have that mentality and keep that mentality.

Alexandra Shipp: Getting ready for this role was really fun. We had about two weeks of intensive drumming and marching. For me personally, I had seen Drumline a million times but it had been maybe a couple years since I last watched it. So I bought it on Amazon, watched it about a million times, really trying to see how—because Nick was really drumming the whole time—he carried his character and how there were similarities to Dani as there were to Devon. Just little things but there wasn’t a lot of time, it moved really quickly.