Vixen Chat: The Cast of ‘Drumline: A New Beat’ is Ready to Tell a New Story


Who would you say is the jokester on set?

Jordan Calloway: Alex, she’s a goofball. She’s a perky kid and it was lovely having that. Also I would have to say Scott [Shilstone]. He’s absolutely hilarious.  He doesn’t have to say too much but if there’s a conversation going on you’ll just hear him come in out of nowhere.

Letoya Luckett: I had a lot of scenes with DeRay [Davis], so you already know how that goes. DeRay that was it for me. He played my ex husband so that was a lot.

Were the scenes with DeRay funny?

Letoya Luckett: He makes them funny. It’s a serious situation, I’m caught in like this love triangle, but he brings humor to it somehow. I don’t know how you could possibly but yeah, he did.