#WCW: 19 Pictures That Prove Dwyane Wade is The Luckiest Man in The NBA

Let’s face it, we’d love to trade places with Dwyane Wade. He has two of the best rings possible; an NBA championship ring and a wedding band tying him to the gorgeous Gabrielle Union. After dating for several years, sticking by his side through all his ex-wife drama and now baby momma tribulations, we can only applaud her for being a true ride or die and having a huge rock to show for it. While she may feel like the luckiest gal to have snagged this equally gorgeous ball player, we think (and he’s agree) he’s truly winning.

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From her red carpet appearances to her “woke up like this” flicks, the actress never seems to have a bad day. And if her IG pictures are proof of anything, she’s everything and more to be around. To the woman that only gets more beautiful with time, flip the page to check out why Dwyane Wade’s the luckiest man in the NBA.

Photo Credit: Instagram