Good News: Another Ebola Patient, Amber Vinson, Is Officially Virus Free


Free at last, free at last. Thank Emory University Hospital, she’s free at last. Dallas nurse Amber Vinson no longer carries the Ebola virus in her body.

The 28-year-old was first infected with the virus after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan in Texas, the Liberian man who was the first U.S. case of Ebola (he later passed away). According to People, Vinson’s mother Debra Berry remains in high hopes as her daughter regains strength. “We all know that further treatment will be necessary as Amber continues to regain strength, but these latest developments have truly answered prayers and bring our family one step closer to reuniting with her at home,” she said.

NBC reports that Amber Vinson first contacted the CDC when she noticed she had an elevated temperature of 99.5. Despite calling representatives to clarify if she should board a commercial flight from Dallas to Cleveland, she was cleared to fly round-trip. “She’s infected for doing something so selfless,” Vinson’s friend Emilia Sykes toldPeople. “We should be applauding her courage.”

Vinson was the second nurse to contract Ebola at the Health Presbyterian Hospital. Her colleague, 26-year-old Nina Pham, was the first to be diagnosed with Ebola. According to The NIH, although the current state of Pham’s clinical condition is “good,” she remains in the special isolation unit in Maryland. And while Vinson has no traces of Ebola in her body, she will require further treatment. Their is no indication of her release date.

Photo Credit: Facebook