EDM Facts And Photos: Amsterdam Dance Event Sets Bar High

Dance music’s standard just got high-er.

Not because we’re reporting from Amsterdam—home of “high” in every aspect—that and dodging vengeful cyclists while trying to navigate cobblestone paths (all of which, look alike).

If you didn’t listen to us last year when we sent the memo why you should go to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), then we’ll brief on what you missed this year: 350,000 attendees spanning 85 nationalities across 125 venues featuring 2,224 artists and 400 events.

These stats alone clogging your brain? Ease up off the OG Kush spliff because Amsterdam serves up wider strains of information when it comes to the $6.2 billion EDM market than it does kind bud. At least come ADE time.

Take a toke on some of these ADE 2014 highlights. ?