Erykah Badu Talks Fashion and Rihanna With Paper Magazine

Erykah Badu is still the queen of neo-soul and in an interview with Paper Magazine, she shows us why. The singer/songwriter spoke with Paper mag in her Dallas, TX home to discuss her classic music and fashion with Riccardo Tisci and her feelings on transitioning into different art forms. Bringing her knowledge of the industry and personal opinion, the legend schooled readers on why artistic expression is important to her. She also explained her strong belief in being a non-conformist and creating multiple platforms for herself in all art forms.

“I think my image is more popular than my album sales. The stage is where I shine and pay my bills. But art is art to me. There’s nothing new about cross-pollination in art to me because it’s all one thing: an expression of who I am.”

Erykah proceeded to make references to Rihanna and commending her for taking “chances and risks.” Although it has been a while since Ms. Badu has made some new music, he art continues to be circulated across the globe and her image remains relevant.

Read the full interview on Paper Mag.

Photo Credit(s): Paper Magazine