No Joke! Erykah Badu Makes $3.60 From Singing in Times Square

Erykah Badu hair length check

Known for her hilarious antics, Erykah Badu is back at it again. Merely months since she video bombed a reporter in NY, Badu becomes a musical panhandler.

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During a recent NYC night, Erykah strolled to Times Square, took off her gallon hat, flipped it upside down, and starting singing for money. She literally sang for mula, “give me some money. Please, sir, give me some money—Haven’t sold a record in about two years. Haven’t sold a record in a long time. A b-tch need some money,” she sang to a pedestrian-filled 42nd street.

How much did @FatBellyBella make? A whopping $3.60. Not to shabby for a seven minute set but we doubt she’ll be marking her territory for weekly money performances.

Either way, we thank our sister in our head for making our Thursday better.

Press play to watch.