Even Erykah Badu Has A Hard Time Panhandling In New York

Raise your hand if you’ve ever passed by an extremely talented street performer without leaving a little something in their cup? Erykah Badu can officially say she’s felt the snub of a New York City sidewalk.

Ms. Fat Belly Bella decided to go incongnito for a street experiment. “I just kind of always wanted to see what it would be like to sing for money on the streets,” she said. For one night, she sang in the streets of Manhattan hoping to collect a little chump change. She jokingly freestyled and sang out to passersby about “needing some money” because she hasn’t made a record in two years. When Badu looked inside her infamous sky high hat to count her earnings, what did she walk away with at the end of the night? “Three dollars and six dimes.” No, seriously, she made $3.60. Funny how life works!

At the end of the video, she concludes that if you’ve got some initiative, you can make money. The video’s final caption reads: “Easy to judge isn’t it … but in reality life is a lot harder than this.” Watch Erykah hustle for her money up top.

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