‘Law & Order: SVU’ To Take On Elevator Scandals (See: Ray Rice, Jay Z & Solange)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has headline-snatched once again. After making scripts from Chris Brown and Rihanna’s assault case, the long-running NBC staple is taking on two elevator scandals, namely Ray Rice’s assault case and Solangegate. Going down on a Wednesday. [HuffPo]

Larry King just joined Vine about a week agooooo, which calls for an auditorium full of Shmoney Dances. [Collab]

Rush Hour is being remade into an hour-long action comedy series for television. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker 4 lyfe. [Deadline]

Better dust off your Gameboys. A Tetris movie, equipped with a sci-fi plot, is finding a place in Hollywood. [Rolling Stone]

No shade to Rick Ross, but jobbers Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are the biggest bosses we’ve seen thus far. In the hilarious new trailer for Horrible Bosses 2, the trio try kidnapping (or “kidnaping”?) after their “Shower Buddy” idea gets hijacked. Colin Farrell also gets replaced by father-son tandem, Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine. [Vulture]