Phaedra Parks Laughs Off Affair Rumors, Confirms Divorce From Apollo Nida

Divorce court is now in order. Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks kept in one hunnid about her struggle marriage to Apollo Nida and his legal woes on Ellen. She also addressed her alleged affair with a man named Chocolate. [People]

NetFlix’s CEO might have 99 problems but HBO’s streaming service ain’t one. Reed Hastings said the new venture isn’t “a significant impact on the consumer level.” #Shade [Variety]

No, this is not Step Up 6 but Jimmy Fallon, Brad Pitt and Brad Pitt’s mustache had a dance-off, proving there is mad art in conversation. [Vulture]

Gone Girl boy Ben Affleck is strapping on the black leather once again. J.Lo’s ex has just been confirmed to play Batman in Justice League Part One, swooping into theaters in 2017. Bonus: Wonder Woman is getting her own movie. [Warner Bros.]

The Oscars are about to be… wait for it… legendary. Neil Patrick Harris, popularly known as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, will host the 2015 ceremony for the first time ever. Suit up! [USA Today]

What do you get when you mix Titanic with Wayne’s World? James Franco’s new AOL webseries Making a Scene. (No joke.) Here, Franco and his team make a cinematic concoction off-the-cuff for your entertainment. [E! Online]