First lady, Michelle Obama Makes Epic ‘Turn Down For What’ Parody On Vine

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama isn’t your typical First Lady.

While fighting to rid the nation of childhood obesity and show the importance of healthy eating and exercise, FLOTUS has often used out-of-the-box approaches to help get her point across.

There was that one time Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen all visiting the White House were subject to the First Lady’s epic slam dunk (another attempt to promote healthy eating) and of course, how could we forget Beyonce’s 2011 “Let’s Move” where the superstar busted some wicked two-steps with some cute kiddies in a middle school.

So it’s not hard to believe that Michelle Obama took to Vine to answer a question posed by comedian (and Barack Obama impersonator) Imon Crosson.

Watch his question and her response on VIBE.