Here’s What Happens When You Have No Idea Who Floyd Mayweather Is

Despite hogging headlines for his beef with rappers or bagging millions in mere minutes during a PPV match, Floyd Mayweather’s celebrity is still unrecognizable to some.

While stopping by a South London barber shop for a trim, the flamboyant boxer got into it with a Jamaican woman because she had no clue who the hell he was.

Even after asking the lady if she owned a television (she says she has four), she claims to only know Mike Tyson. This doesn’t sit well with the Money Team leader, who shouts at her to “GOOGLE!” and pull up a Forbes magazine.

He even adds the snarky comment, “You know what? I need to Google you.”

The woman isn’t fazed by his arrogance but consider this one instance where Mayweather needs to have several seats.