Sneaker Fever: 20 Fly Kicks For Chicks


Once upon a time ago, sneakers were considered unlady-like, and any female that dared to choose comfort over tight roping in 6 inch heels was given the ultimate side eye.

However, as of late the fashion world and women alike are embracing the functionality of sneakers and making them much more contemporary and cooler than ever. Elevating it’s masculine features for more of an aesthetically pleasing appearance, brands like Giuseppe Zanotti, Nike, and Adidas are incorporating dope elements of mix media like leather, glitter, suede and wool, and curating next level creations like the ever-so trendy hidden wedge that Isabel Marant put on the map. Plus, double soles are popping right now too which gives a gal the elevated appearance of a stiletto without jeopardizing comfort—how clever?

Vixens, if you are a bonafide sneaker head or interested in the options the fashion world is supplying females when it comes to kicks continue clicking to check out 20 fly kicks for chicks

Photo Credit: Getty Images