Forget Twerking, The Nae Nae Is Miley Cyrus’ New Dance

For some people, Miley Cyrus is the reason the word twerking got dragged out of hip hop culture and into oblivion. It may be a late pass, but the tongue slinging singer is totally over that wave and has moved onto something much cooler. If you catch her at the next party, Miley will be hitting the Nae Nae with the rest of us.

During a tour stop at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Miley debuted her new favorite dance move to a curious news crew on the Sunrise morning show.

She made it clear that twerking is a thing of mainstream past. When the anchor declared that “twerking seems so yesterday,” she quickly added, “I’m glad you know that, because some people are living in the past.” Then, she gave them a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the Nae Nae correctly (eh, it was close enough).

But before you get your feathers all ruffled up, Miley didn’t try to claim ownership of the dance in any way, admitting that she had no idea where the name derived from and her dancers, the LA Bakers, taught it to her. “They just started doing it and I was like what is that?” she said. “And then I just started doing it, which is kind of what happened with the twerking thing. I try to do it at my shows, and no one’s really doing it back at me.”

Grade Miley’s Nae Nae performance below. Did she nail it or get an A for effort?

Photo Credit: Getty Images