Future Ties The Strings Between Fashion And Music For ‘Mr Porter’

When your fame transcends two industries, you’re doing something right. Lately, Future has been touted as not only one of the more favorable hip hop/R&B hybrids, but a trendsetter in the fashion world. He played model for MR PORTER, donning charismatic threads while dishing about how he connects to his inner creative.

“I’ve been interested in fashion since I was born,” he said. “Fashion is fun. You get a chance to express yourself with photos, finding ways to connect with the camera, learn more about different angles and poses. It’s like making a hit record – you want to make a hit when you do these photoshoots.”

He even further detailed his creative process, painting a verbal portrait for the interviewer. “I could take something from this interview and be able to create around it,” he said. “As a writer, you take moments and sounds, people moving in the background, all the details. Go in depth so that people can actually see how I’m sitting right here, right now. With my feet up on the table, laying back on a leather couch, eating an apple, with Alexander Wang on – that’s art. I could have painted with a brush, but I just spoke it to you.”

Flip through to see Future show off his sartorial side and read the entire interview here.

All Photo Credits: Matt Irwin/Mr Porter