T.I. Says ‘We Really Just Wanted To Make Women Wet They Pants’ On ‘Paperwork’

There’s cameras outside the room and people are everywhere wanting to talk to him. It’s chaotic but there’s a calm when you go towards the back room and see T.I. standing there, asking the men that make Hustle Gang to “pour him some in a cup.” Everyone is chill in comparison to what’s going on behind the beaded curtains and Tip is ready for his moment in the most relaxed demeanor. It’s his first interview with Elliott Wilson for the #CRWN series and mentally, he’s prepared for the tough questions, but for now, he just wants to drink a little something.

We’re less than five minutes to show time and T.I. grants me the opportunity to talk to him about his latest LP, Paperwork—released last Tuesday. See what the southern Kang dished on.

VIBE Vixen: Tell me more about why your new album is titled, Paperwork?
T.I.: Well, Paperwork to me is, by definition, the certification of things that are authentic. Me being an artist of authenticity, making music that is authentic, I feel that it should be presented to the people and certified by way of paperwork.

You have fourteen collaborations on the album, which is a lot. How did that all come about?
At my ninth album in my career, people have heard my story, so I wanted to mix my story with some angles and approaches to see how it mixes well with others and do what’s best for the song. I don’t have to hold myself to the same, I guess, restrictions as the newer artists. Cats know that I can go and put out an album just by myself with no features, if I want to. And of those fourteen features, maybe only seven of those are [artist] just singing on hooks. If you would have rather have heard me sing at your own risk, than Usher, I could have. I was on the hook first, but me and Usher both agreed that he probably sounded better doing it, so I stepped to the side and let him have it.

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