Get Inside The Mind Of A Sneakerhead

Ever wonder what goes through the minds of the guys who take sneaker selfies? Or the people who camp out for sneaker? Kicks USA attempts to delve into their world through the eyes of satirical character in their new viral video (above). Check for more below:

Join us as the cameras follow K as he proves that he’s determined to be one of the greatest sneaker connoisseurs in the game. In KICKS-HEAD  K confronts hypebeasts, sneaker heads, resellers, customizers, athletes and just about ANYONE to prove his determination and drive for the love of the sneaker game.

In the debut season of KICKS-HEAD, K will receive guidance from his uncle, the infamous sneaker collector, Mayor. With his uncle Mayor’s connections, K will get the opportunity to exhibit his knowledge of the sneaker culture with sneaker customizer Mache, sneaker and Hip Hop personality, Dallas Penn, the good dudes at Sneaker Cartel, Streetball Legend, Homicide and many more. With Mayor in full support, K sets in motion his plan to ultimately takeover the sneaker game.