Giuseppe Zanotti Speaks Rather Highly Of Kanye West

Working with Kanye West might sound strenuous to some, but for Giuseppe Zanotti, it was quite the symbiotic relationship. In a piece for, the designer described what it was like partnering with Yeezy for their sneakers and “Cruel Summer” collection.

“As artists, we naturally share a similar creative process as well as a mutual passion for fashion and music,” he wrote.

Calling Kanye a “longtime friend,” Zanotti gave insight on how he and the rapper’s working relationship is also a personal one.

“Working together was a natural progression,” he wrote. “ He taught me something, I taught him something. I showed him my archives, and he sang something for me and my team. It was good synergy, exchange of sensation, and love.”

Aww, how sweet. Read Zanotti’s full piece on Kanye here.