Global Week: This Is What An Iggy Azalea Album About Australia Would Sound Like

Iggy Azalea is a proud native of Australia. A small town called Mullumbimby, to be exact. You should know this, but we couldn’t blame you if didn’t. It’s not like the leggy 24-year-old rapper imbues her music with rhymes about her upbringing in the world’s tiniest continent, her home of 16 years before hopping on a flight to Miami and Christopher Columbusing Trina’s Southern accent. It’s been the greatest complaint among hip-hop heads post-“Fancy”—that Iggy’s lyrical content is about as authentic as a $4 bill.

“People got a lot to say/But don’t know shit about where I was made” —Iggy Azalea, “Work”

Hip-hop has long prided itself on realness. It’s a somewhat inclusive genre of music, so long as you keep it 100. So instead of stealing Nas lines or rapping about the “Murda Bizness,” Iggy should consider jotting some lyrics about life back home in the A—Australia. Give fans stateside and beyond a portrait of the real, real Dirty South, mate.

Since this introspection will likely happen no sooner than Iggy Azalea will swap her Rapunzel ponytail for a buzz cut, we’ll have to use our imagination. Just how would an Australian album from Iggy sound? Who knows, probably country as hell. But the tracklist might look a little something like this… —John Kennedy

1. Welcome To Australia
2. New Zealand State Of Mind
3. Da Mystery of Kangaroo Boxin’ (Feat. RZA and Inspectah Deck)
4. Foster’s Child (Interlude)
5. Wading In My Wetlands
6. ATL to Sydney (Feat. T.I., B.o.B and 2 Chainz)
7. Koala Love (Feat. Ne-Yo)
8. Green Card Is The New Black (Feat. Migos)
9. Teach Me How To Aussie
10. Down Under (Down Bottom 2015) (Feat. Juvenile & Drag-On)
11. It’s Barbecue, Bitch (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
12. Hit It Outback (Feat. Young Thug)
13. The New South (Wales)
14. Stingray In My Heart (An Ode To Steve Irwin) (Feat. Ariana Grande)