#TRENDINGTOPIC: 25 Celebrity Hair Disasters We Will Never Forget

Beyonce And Jay-Z Sightings -  October 14, 2014

We’ve all been there, the inevitable bad hair day where we’d like to stay at home in hiding and make an emergency house call to our beautician or barber.

Unfortunately, when you’re a celebrity you can never have an off day, let alone a bad hair day. With cameras swarming their every move there’s no getting past pesky paparazzi and one of our favorite Vixens got a taste of that earlier this week. The beyhive was silenced (for the first time ever we believe) as their Queen, Beyonce, donned an unsightly wig with “alarmingly short” and “not so flawless” bangs (according to New York Magazine TMZ) that had the entire world at a loss of words. But no tea, no shade because Mrs. Carter is the truth but the beyhive has spoken and those bangs have got to go.

However, Yonce isn’t the only star that has had a hair disaster or two in his or her career. Continue clicking to see 25 celebrity hair disasters we will never forget.


Photo Credit(s): Getty Images