Say What? A History Of Rappers We Can’t Understand


What in the world is Young Thug saying on Rich Gang’s song “Lifestyle”? It’s a question that we’ve been trying to answer for a few months now—and a question that we posed to a bunch of non-hip hop professionals recently. The consensus: Young Thug is saying…well, we have absolutely no idea. It’s pretty much impossible to decipher his words successfully and everyone seems to hear something different.

We still love Young Thug, though. Just like we’ve loved a lot of other marble-mouthed MCs in the past, despite the fact that, at times, we’ve been dumbfounded as to what they were saying on some songs. So after spending far too long trying to learn all the lyrics to “Lifestyle,” we gave up and instead put together a history of rappers we can’t understand. Say what, fellas?! —Chris Yuscavage