Say What? Iggy Azalea is Getting Divorced

We learned two things in the same two minutes. One, Iggy Azalea is getting divorced, and two, she is married.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s husband is Hefe Wine (real name Maurice Williams) and he wants to dissolve their common law marriage.

The site obtained divorce documents from Texas and in it Wine claims he and the Aussie born femcee “agreed to be married, holding themselves out as man and wife and began residing together in the State of Texas on or about September, 2008.” However they separated last year—or in other words, she moved out.

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In Texas when a man and woman agree to be married and live together for any length of time they can be considered legally married.

Her disgruntle ex is asking the judge to stop Iggy from selling any music that was accumulated during the marriage, which is something the two have been battling over. If the judge sides with Hefe and recognizes the marriage, all of the music produced during that time would be split 50/50.

Just a few states away, Iggy’s camp is denying everything he’s saying. Her rep claims she NEVER agreed to be married and this is his desperate attempt to get her money.

We don’t know who to believe but considering Hefe is willing to make profit off their “stolen” sex tape, the odds aren’t in his favor.

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