Iggy Azalea Tells A Paparazzo: ‘I Hope You Have Ebola, I Hope You Die’

Oh boy.

Iggy Azalea is the latest celebrity to lose her cool on the paparazzi. Outside of a Los Angeles supermarket, the Grand Hustle rapstress had a Kanye-style run-in with a photographer. In the video, the paparazzi is heard complaining that he had been spit on before Iggy emerges in the parking lot with her groceries and mouthful of insults.

“I hope you have Ebola, I hope you die, you’re a fucking cunt,” she says.

Attempting to run the photographer over with her shopping cart, Iggy then rants about the photographer invading her privacy. Attesting that her celebrity status doesn’t allow the paparazzi to capture her “buying eggs,” she warned the man in the video not to attempt the feat again.

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“I don’t want you to invade my life! You’re in a store.” “Being a musician doesn’t give you the right to sneak into a supermarket and take photographs of somebody buying eggs. That’s not a public space, it’s private. You’re inside a store taking pictures of people. It’s not okay. It’s not cute. And next time, I will have people with me that will do something to remove you.

This all comes just days after Jay Z checked a photographer in Paris. Watch Iggy go off on the paparazzi in the video above.

UPDATE: Iggy took to Instagram to respond to the ordeal, claiming that her reaction to the photographer was “classy in comparison” to what the man said to her and her friend inside the supermarket, which was not included in the video:

“Something is only “the way it is” for as long as one ALLOWS it to be. What I’m comfortable consenting a paparazzi do doesn’t require anyone’s opinion but my own. I don’t see why that’s hard for some to fathom. Judge me for spazzing if you like but you only saw the 30sec aftermath which was classy in comparison to what he said to us inside the grocery store where we discovered him lying on the floor after we had repeatedly & politely asked him to leave multiple locations during the course of the day. I don’t hate paps, just the really aggressive ones… I only treated him the way he treated me all day. Fair is fair playboys and girls.”