Is Cam’ron’s Ebola Mask Too Much?


Clever rapper Cam’ron is doing what he does best, hustling. Killa Cam wants to help you kill off all germs that are spreading during this scary Ebola epidemic with his new innovation #CamEbolaMask.

While the highly fatal disease has moved from West Africa to Europe and now North America people are becoming even more cautious, but even more ignorant with countless jokes and memes popping up everywhere. But is this really the time for such humor one has to ask.

As expected, Cam’ron’s Ebola Masks are plastered with himself rocking a mink outfit that set the state of hip hop fashion ablaze,  making men in pink a fashion trend in the mid 2000’s. With that being said, the masks affixed with his legendary photo are being sold for pre-order for $19.99 on Dipset. Faithful Dipset fans and those fearful of the epidemic can be safe in style come Novemember 7, 2014 as the product description reads, “Wrap it up and protect yourself from Ebola just like Killa Cam!”

Vixens, what are your thoughts on Cam’ron’s Ebola Mask? Will you be handing over twenty bucks to cop a #CamEbolaMask or nah?


Photo Credit: Instagram

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