Vixen Vent: Jada Talks Tupac Again

Jada by Tupac

Remember that?

Remember the post from Willow Smith in 2012, supposedly written years ago that read, “I think my mommy really misses you… Can you come back so momy and me can be happy!” Willow never knew the late-rapper; he died before her birth, but growing up in the industry, it’s obvious she knows who he is. A 12-year old uploading prepubescent handwritten letters to a man she never knew interests me. Her pleas for someone she never met in order to restore a sense of happiness, bugs me out. It’s more than obvious his name was brought up several times in the Smith household.

Willow's Instagram Letter

Jada talked about Tupac back in February on The Arsenio Show. She uploaded a series of photos of the pair last year on her Instagram account. Willow’s letter found a new home on her account the year before that. Back in 2010, she talked open marriage rumors with Will – and Tupac. He was referred to as a father-figure rather then a brother. It was a “platonic romance,” stating the two “were never in a romance” but Jada acknowledges the feelings, “as though we had those feelings.” The body language from the two in photos supports that. Eighteen years after the rapper’s death and her need to talk more about her interactions with him than anything else, proves that.

But is all of this our business? They say if you put it out there, it’s open and up for discussion. As a blogger, I touch on things that I feel will help someone else but there boundaries, there are limits to what I write about, lines I have to draw in the sand that I won’t cross for the sake of my children’s feelings later on in life. Can we take Will’s silence on the situation as him being “unbothered” and take him as an example, that if her own husband isn’t speaking on the relationship, neither should we?

How many people do you know find new partners shortly after the ending of a relationship and appear to be happy, but still hold on to what was? You think you can find a replica of your old thing in a new body and you end up disappointed, finding out that you can’t duplicate your first love. Whatever Jada felt for ‘Pac, whatever thing they had going on prior to his death in 1996, it’s still there. Even with her being married to Will; having children by Will; holding hands and posing for the cam with Will.

Her heart is someplace else and yet, do the Smith’s have to explain what’s already understood between them two? I’ve stopped getting into depth about my friendship with my best friend for years now but people still talk. In a world where “but that’s none of my business” memes flood my social media feeds, I wish people would really do just that.

Photo Credit: Instagram/The Rose That Grew from Concrete